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        Today is:
          Development History

        ◎In 1991 The Enterprise Established
        ◎In 1994 The Enterprise First Relocation
        ◎In 1996 Established The Research And Development Team
        ◎In 1999 Pass ISO9001 Quality Control System
        ◎In March 2001 Changed Name Shangyu Electric Light Engelhard Co.,Ltd.
        ◎In 2003 Moved To The New Factory District
        ◎In September 2004 Registered Shaoxing Ange Lighting Co., Ltd.
        ◎In November 2004 Was Awarded The High-tech Enterprises Of Shangyu
        ◎In 2004 Pass ISO 14001:2004 Environment Authentication System
        ◎In 2006 Carries Out 5S Comprehensively And TQM
        ◎In 2007 Was Awarded The High-tech Enterprises In Shaoxing
        ◎Ange Corporation in innovation for success in efforts tomorrow

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