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        Today is
          Development History

        In 1991 The Enterprise Established
        In 1994 The Enterprise First Relocation
        In 1996 Established The Research And Development Team
        In 1999 Pass ISO9001 Quality Control System
        In March 2001 Changed Name Shangyu Electric Light Engelhard Co.,Ltd.
        In 2003 Moved To The New Factory District
        In September 2004 Registered Shaoxing Ange Lighting Co., Ltd.
        In November 2004 Was Awarded The High-tech Enterprises Of Shangyu
        In 2004 Pass ISO 14001:2004 Environment Authentication System
        In 2006 Carries Out 5S Comprehensively And TQM
        In 2007 Was Awarded The High-tech Enterprises In Shaoxing
        Ange Corporation in innovation for success in efforts tomorrow

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